Jackall Aska 60 Crankbait - $10.88

It took nearly five years of research and 100 prototypes to attain the level of fish-catching performance this lure delivers. Its special bill grabs more water and, teamed with a slender body, creates a fast wobble and rolling action bass cant resist. Optimal shape and balance result in fewer snags and a straight track at any speed. The center hook has less play so it wont tangle with the rear treble. 4-ft. running depth. Per each.Size: 2-1/2, 3/8 oz. Colors: (001)Purple Chartreuse, (002)Super Crawfish, (003)Chartreuse Shad, (004)Crawfish, (005)Sparkle SS Shad, (006)Tennessee Shad, (007)Bronze Green Shad, (008)Super Shad. - $10.88