Iwo Jima 2 Dvd Tin - $12.99

Relive one of the toughest battles of the U.S. Marine Corps with first-hand accounts from marines, airmen and sailors and exclusive color footage shot by Marine Corps cameramen. It took a month of brutal fighting and unbelievable acts of courage to secure the small, eight-square-mile island. Iwo Jima was the only battle in Marine Corps history where they suffered more causalities than the enemy one-third of the marines killed in WWII died at Iwo Jima. This stunning documentary tells the story of Iwo Jima through the eyes of the men that lived through it. Two DVDs. 246 minutes.Disc One: Prologue The Face of Iwo Jima Plan of Attack The Landings The Shores of Iwo Jima Mt. Suribachi Inch By Inch Bloody Iwo Fire and Steel Off Shore Support High Price to Pay An Uneasy Silence Was It Worth ItDisc Two: Road to Iwo The B-29 Superfortress Craig Leman Marvin Perrett Iwo Jima Memorial - $12.99