Easton Flatline with BlazersPer 6 - $59.99

It's a proven fact that the shortest distance between two points is a flat line. Rightly so, Easton is introducing the new Flatline arrows. These arrows are a completely different take on convential thinking when it comes to arrows. The new SuperLite Carbon and MicroLite components combine to deliver a fast, flat trajectory to the target. MicroLite inserts and nocks shave weight off the front and back of the arrow, while the shaft remains lightweight and rigid. Built with multilayer wrapped carbon fibers, the combination of speed and lighweight rigidity packed into one arrow is sure to be deadly. All come complete with MicroLite Super Nocks installed, Blazer vanes, HIT inserts, chamfer stone, installation tool and HIT epoxy. Points and broadhead ring adapters sold separately. Arrows and shafts come full length with MicroLite inserts loose. Per 6.Straightness factor: .003". Weight tolerance: 2.0 grains. Available: 340-8.2 gpi, 400-7.4 gpi.Easton Flatline with BlazersBowWeight27"28"29"30"31"32"45-5050050050040040040050-5550050040040040040055-6050040040040040034060-6540040040040034034065-7040040040034034034070-76400400340340340-76-82400340340340-- - $59.99