Ultramax .223 Rem. Ammunition - 62-Grain FMJ with Dry-Box - $109.99

It doesn t matter if you're punching paper, taking out prairie dogs at long range or hunting predators, shooting a .223 is just plain fun. So if you own one, you'll always want to keep a large supply of ammo ready should you get the itch to get in some trigger time. And there's no better way to stock up on high-grade ammo than with this special buy from Cabela's. All rounds are fresh and remanufactured by Ultramax and loaded with a 62-gr. bullet that's ideal for AR-15's. This accurate, low-recoil round is just the ticket for plinking and varmint hunting. The high-quality brass is reloadable, so it's a great choice for serious shooters who go through hundreds of rounds a year. Made in USA. Available: 250 rounds - 1 Dry Box 500 rounds - 2 Dry Boxes 1,000 rounds - 4 Dry Boxes - $109.99