Stanley Jigs Y-NOT - $2.88

Is it a crawfish Is it frog Bass won t stop to think. This versatile bait will have them in full attack mode. Small pockets in the legs accept rattlers, or leave them empty and the Y-Not will look like a defensive crawfish with pinchers in the air. Pull behind a bare hook and the lure looks like a frog swimming with outstretched legs. Rings along the body and legs trap air when cast. The tiny air bubbles of trapped air escape when jerked or twitched through the water. The sight and sound of the bubbles makes the lure look like living, breathing prey to a bass. The soft rings collapse in a fish's mouth, giving it the real feel of live bait. Once bass bite, they won t want to let go. Ideal for Carolina and Texas rigging, pitching, flipping and suspending. Per 5.Sizes: 3-1/2".Colors: (001)Watermelon/Red Flake, (005)Christmas Tree(not shown), (007)Green Pumpkin/Red Flake, (008)Junebug, (013)Watermelon/Mardi Gras(not shown), (014)Black/Blue, (015)Bama Bug(not shown), (016)Okeechobee Craw, (018)Watermelon Red/Ruby Red, (019)Watermelon Red/Clear Pumpkin, (021)Bluegill. - $2.88