Inland Surfer 4Skim Black Pearl Wakesurfer 4ft 8in - $599.00

The longest running skim style wake surfboard available, now it its next evolution. Our signature twin-tip bi-directional shape complemented with the Rocket Rocker makes this performance skim incredibly responsive rail-to-rail and shocking down-the-line speed for its size. The Black Pearl is capable of aerials, snaps, slashes and all its native skim-style tricks on the surface. The reigning king of Shuv-its and surface spins, the 4Skim Tri Fin design allows for versatility and growth from beginner to advanced. Delta fin compatible, there is no other way to get a surf style feel on a skim style board.Key Features of the Inland Surfer 4Skim Black Pearl Wakesurfer 4ft 8in: Epoxy Infused Technology - our top secret way of fully soaking the fiberglass with epoxy to create the strongest bond. WoodLoc - our process that inserts laminated layers of wood into the board top and bottom platform to increase strength, rigidity, stiffness and overall performance. Progressive Edge - The rail geometry and construction that holds the board close to the wake without creating unwanted drag. Fin options - number of fin options available. Rear Kick - EVA traction with raised rear kick pad for incredible foot hold. ROCKET Rocker - This profile has been designed to provide the absolute maximum down-the-line speed without sacrificing edge to edge performance. Ability Level: The ability level recommendation for this board is beginner to pro Tri fin – beginner to intermediate surf style feel. Dual fin – beginner to advanced surf style feel. Single fin – intermediate to pro skim style. Weight Range: The weight range recommendation for this board is 50lbs. to 200lbs. depending on wake size. Specs: 4’ 8” x 20.5” x .75” - 4 lbs. Tri fin option. Note: All 4Skim style boards come with 1 single S-1 3.0cm skim fin in black only. - $599.00