Industry Nine Replacement Bearing - 61903/29.5 - $6.00

Beyond their captivating aesthetic, Industry Nine wheels are built to be stiff and durable -- capable of taking the punishment associated with seasons of hard riding. Yet as we all know, riding in nasty conditions, power washing, and the simple ravages of use or abuse can lead to worn hub bearings. To keep your Industry Nine wheels running factory fresh, we offer single replacement bearings for all of their hub models so you can pinpoint the problem bearing and replace as needed. Please follow the fit guide below to get the correct size and quantity of bearings to get your wheels rolling like new. Of course, feel free to contact us directly by phone or email anytime if you have further questions on fit and installation. XC front hub (2 bearings):61804 in both sidesEnduro front hub (2 bearings):61805 in both sidesXC, Enduro, Singlespeed, DH150 rear hubs (4 bearings):61903/29.5 (x2) these 2 are pressed inside the cassette body61808 is the large cassette body bearing61804 is pressed into the non-drive side of the hubshell - $6.00