Drury Outdoors Whitetail Obsession Dvd Combos - $19.99

In Whitetail Obsession 10 watch the Wild Outdoors team on 20 exciting bowhunts. Be there when Jay and Tammi Gregory double up on 180" and 193" late-season whitetails from the same ground blind! Wyatt Gregory's in on the action as well, with a 150"-class bad boy. 150 minutes. In Whitetail Obsession 9, Jay Gregory and family take you through the trials and tribulations of hunting big deer. Over 20 hunts from 2008. 150+ minutes. In Whitetail Obsession 8, watch Jay Gregory and the Wild Outdoors Pro Staff take you through the numbers game of hunting big bucks. Over 15 breathtaking hunts from 2007. Whether it's with a bow or a gun, these hunts are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. 100+ minutes.Available:Whitetail Obsession 8 and 9 Combo 35 breathtaking bow and gun hunts for giant whitetails. 250+ minutes.Whitetail Obsession 9 and 10 Combo Over 40 hunts for more whitetail trophies. 300+ minutes. - $19.99