Pedersoli 12-Ga. Cavalry Model Double-Barrel Shotgun - $699.88

In the early stages of the Civil War many enlistees came to serve with their own primary hunting firearms, and in the South such guns were often double-barrel shotguns. Though largely ineffective in infantry battles due to limited range, shotguns were devastating and effective weapons when used by cavalry soldiers, skirmishers and behind-the-lines raiders. Double-barrel shotguns also offered versatility by allowing the use of buckshot, round balls, buck-and-ball loads or a mix of such loads between the two barrels. Cabelas offers this functional replica of a Civil War era cavalry percussion shotgun in 12 gauge with a single trigger that fires the left barrel first, and then the right barrel. Both locks, the tang and trigger plate are case hardened. The 11.4 barrels, buttplate, trigger guard and wedge sport a brown finish. The stock is American walnut with a ramrod slot and ramrod. Overall length: 27.55. - $699.88