In-Fisherman Freshwater Predator Dvd Collection - $13.49

In-Fisherman has become a name that can be trusted in the fishing world. Look to these DVDs to help you become a better angler and give you insight on how to catch more fish.Available:In 21st Century Walleye, you'll find techniques for early-season and open-water trolling, anchor cranking, thumper baits and wading for walleyes. Learn the tricks of the trade to up your bag limit. 60 minute DVD.Summer Pike Patterns will show you tips and tactics on how to have an amazing summer of pike fishing. spooning hot spots, pike poppin', minnow bait magic, deadly trolling techniques, and more! 54 minute DVD.In Secrets of the Muskie Masters you'll learn how to identify top muskie spots and how you should fish them. Learn how to pick the best baits for each location and make them work to bring in more muskies with every cast. 70 minute DVD.Precise Walleye Patterns teaches you how to be precise in your presentations and so stubborn fish will open their mouth for you. See boat control, working the dunes, flatlining, finesse factoring and digging down deep. Bonus tips for big fish. 69 minute DVD. - $13.49