Imagine Surfer SUP Paddleboard Yellow 9ft 9in x 34in - $599.00

The new Surfer is the ultimate board for anyone just getting into stand up paddling. Wide, stable and easy, it will get you out there and onto the waves "right now." As good as it is at the beach, the Surfer is great to cruise pristine lakes, and explore backwater bays and inlets. From yoga enthusiasts, to kids at play, or anyone simply wanting to tan out on the water, the Surfer brings it all.Key Features of the Imagine Surfer SUP 9ft 9in x 34in: DIMENSIONS:9'9" X 34" X 6" - 241 LTR WEIGHT:44.00LBS MAX LOAD:310LBS Best for: GENERAL SURFING, GENERAL RECREATION, WHITEWATER, FISHING, WHITEWATER SURFING - $599.00