Imagine Rapidfire SUP Yellow 9ft 9in x 36in - $599.00

As soon as people moved inland with SUP, they started to explore rivers. Today this is an exciting alternative to whitewater kayaking, and that's why we created the Rapidfire. A radical departure from surf shapes, it's optimized to make class 2 whitewater easy, and class 5 possible. The generous rocker, and high volume center help you run through almost anything-even waterfalls and slides.Key Features of the Imagine Rapidfire SUP Yellow 9ft 9in x 36in: DIMENSIONS:9'9" X 36" X 6" - 262 LTR WEIGHT:47.00LBS MAX LOAD:330LBS BEST FOR: WHITEWATER, GENERAL SURFING, WHITEWATER SURFING, GENERAL RECREATION - $599.00