Ima Beast Hunter - $9.88

Designed to move through grass without hanging up or losing effectiveness. With a natural wobble it produces a subtle knocking sound to woo wary bass. When fished using 14-lb. fluorocarbon it dominates the 10- to 13-ft. depths where big bass often lurk. Precisely proportioned construction and weight enables it to stop quickly without forward glide for stop-and-start presentations. A fixed weight inside maximizes diving depth while preventing the lure from tumbling on the cast. The diving angle is tuned so when contact is made with weeds, all you need to do is raise the rod tip softly to help it glide by. Size: 2-2/3, 3/4 oz., running depth 10-13 ft.Colors: (103)Bluegill, (121)Hot Craw, (147)Blue Sexy Shad, (175)Freds Perch. - $9.88