Hevi-Shot Choke Tube Combo - $71.88

If you're hunting with Hevi-Shot, you need a high-performance choke tube system that delivers 100% payload. These choke tube combos were designed specifically to maximize the number of lethal pellets on target thanks to Pattern-Density Technology . Combos include Mid- and Extreme-Range tubes forged from aircraft stainless steel with knurled fore-ends for easy installation. The choke tubes features internal axial rings to keep the shot cloud on-target. Porting reduces recoil and muzzle jump, drops gas pressure at the muzzle and helps the wad and shot cloud separate. Matte black finish. Made in USA.Warning! Extreme Range Choke Tubes are NOT recommended for steel pellets larger than BB or excessive speed of more than 1,550 fps. Use mid-range choke tubes for those applications. - $71.88