500- And 1,000-Lb. Capacity Capsule Game Feeders - $1,049.99

If you are tired of lugging cumbersome feed bags up a rickety ladder to fill your traditional feeder, consider the benefits of this low-maintenance Capsule Feeder. The Capsule Game Feeders patented design is much more convenient than traditional feeders. Since it sits on the ground, you dont have to hassle with ladders and winches to refill it. Simply back up a truck to the feeder, drop the tailgate and fill it up. The unique auger system pulls feed upward and broadcasts it, so you have precise control over the feed volume. Comes with a 12-volt, 70mA solar panel; and a powerful 12-volt, 5.1-amp, permanent magnet DC motor. Made of UV-resistant, polyethylene plastic. 20-year manufacturers warranty. Available: 500 lb., 1,000 lb. - $1,049.99