Icelantic Nomad RKR Skis - $488.95

The Nomad is a one ski quiver. Able to tackle any and every snow condition, at ease among ridges and peaks, and eager to lay into any terrain, the Nomad is an exceptional tool of versatility. Its shapely curves and balanced flex give the Nomad remarkable stability, superb maneuverability and explosive power. If you favor a bit of everything and want a ski that can handle anything, The Nomad is the ski for you!Key Features of the Icelantic Nomad Rkr Skis: Length (cm): 161, 171, 181 Dimensions (mm): 140x105x130 Radius (m): 14 (161), 17 (171), 20 (181) Weight: 7.6 (161), 8.65 (171), 9.5 (181) - $488.95