Icelantic Keeper Skis - $473.95

The Keeper's early rise tip and tail gives its skier the ability to float and slash through bottomless POW effortlessly. With traditional camber underfoot, the Keeper's tip and tail rise to the occasion when triggered by the skiers weight allowing for unmatched control and ultra carving. Combine this with Icelantic's signature side cut and the Keeper transforms from a pure powder ski to a crud bustin, trench carving machine.Key Features of the Icelantic Keeper Skis: Length (cm): 167, 178, 189 Dimensions (mm): 150x119x136 Radius (m): 13 (167), 16 (178), 18 (189) Weight: 8.5 (167), 9 (178), 10.3 (189) - $473.95