Icelantic Da'Nollie Skis - $432.95

The Da'Nollie is a park/urban ski for the most progressive of riders. Designed to meet Pro-Athlete Leigh Powis' standards, the 2012- 2013 Da'Nollie contains Icelantic's "Nollie-Flex Core". This core profile, enables the rider to Ollie, Nollie and butter the hell out of any feature - as well as stomp whatever hit the park throws at 'em. Combine this with Icelantics proven quality and you have one of the most durable skis for the urban setting. In an age where style points rule supreme, Da'Nollie takes park/urban riding to a whole new dimension.Key Features of the Icelantic Da'Nollie Skis: Length (cm): 160, 170, 180 Dimensions (mm): 118x88x118 Radius (m): 16 (160), 18 (170), 20 (180) Weight: 6.6 (160), 7.4 (170), 8.0 (180) - $432.95