Ice Trekkers Diamond Traction - $24.88

An innovative diamond-bead design provides hundreds of biting edges for outstanding traction on snow and ice. Made super-strong and comfortable for extended use, a sturdy rubber sling system mounts these securely on a variety of footwear. This makes them easy to put on and remove without straps that can slip. Plus, the rubber stays flexible in temperatures well below zero. Add one size for hiking or work boots. Add two sizes for insulated or oversized boots. Per pair. Imported. Sizes: S(Mens 5 - 6, Womens 5 - 7), M(Mens 6-1/2 - 9, Womens 7-1/2 - 10), L(Mens 9-1/2 - 12-1/2, Womens 10-1/2+), XL(Mens 13+). Color: Black. - $24.88