HydroWave Electronic Feeding Stimulator - $299.88

Ignite a feeding frenzy with this underwater speaker system. Low-frequency tactile sound transmission mimics the vibrations made by feeding and distressed fish, giving bass and other freshwater predators a target they can feel, hear and sense just like the real thing. This system beats like a subwoofer in the water, using Vibration Reactive Technology and Lateral Reactive Technology to stimulate the subdermal bones and lateral line that fish use to detect vibration and chase prey. It features six scientifically tested, preprogrammed sound tracks for provoking freshwater predators: frenzy (shad), schooling shad, passive shad finesse, fleeing shad, frenzy (shiner) and bait panic. Waterproof, shock-resistant injection-molded housing. Box includes HydroWave unit, underwater omnidirectional speaker with 14-ft. cord, two Velcro HydroWave unit mounting strips, two stainless steel speaker mounting clamps, six 8 tie wraps, 6-ft. power cord with in-line fuse, HydroWave unit bracket mount, user guide and warranty card. Made in USA. Type: Electronic Feeding Stimulator. - $299.88