Hurricane Kayaks Santee 116 Kayak - $999.00

The Hurricane Kayaks Santee 116 is designed for a relaxed and enjoyable day on the water with a roomy cockpit and plenty of storage space for supplies, snacks and other necessities. Perfect for touring lake shores or lazy rivers, the Santee 116 tracks well and moves efficiently through the water for an enjoyable paddle. Trylon thermoformed ABS plastic hull material is stiff and light like traditional composite kayaks and offers similar looks, but it costs considerably less. Newly redesigned AireStream seat back is lightweight and incredibly breathable thanks to a contoured support frame covered with soft mesh fabric that maximizes air flow. To adjust the seat back for personalized fit, simply pull seat back forward to unlock, adjust and push back to relock. Crisp entry lines, excellent stability and responsive turning make the Santee 116 an outstanding boat for all-around use. Deck has been redesigned from previous models, resulting in improved looks and an even more responsive ride. Large cockpit opening facilitates gear storage-an extra cooler, a large dry bag or a midsize, 4-legged paddling companion can come along for the ride. Rear deck security bar makes it easy to lock up the Santee 116 with a cable lock (not included). Storage areas on the side of the seat hold beverages and small items such as lip balm, sunscreen and a safety whistle. Stern deck rigging keeps extra gear within easy reach, and bulkheaded stern and bow with watertight hatches keeps items dry. Carry handles ease transport to the water. - $999.00