Hunt Comfort FatBoy Hunting Cushion - $76.99

When waiting for hours on that big buck to come out or for that lovesick tom to work his way into range, staying still is an absolute must. While most foam cushions provide some comfort, they compress after time and can still lead to discomfort, resulting in you having to move. Unlike typical foam hunting cushions, Hunt Comfort cushions are designed with a proprietary medical pressure-relief gel to distribute seating pressure, ensuring full circulation and preventing numbness. When only the thickest, most plush cushion will do, the FatBoy steps up to the challenge. It features a double-density foam base and a double-thick layer of UltraSoft gel to ensure comfort for even the largest sportsman. Covered in waterproof, stretch Comfort-TEX fabric, this seat is ready for any condition from the duck blind to the treestand. Includes 40" carry strap. 3 year factory warranty.Weight: 2 lbs. 14 oz.Measures: 14" x 16" x 3".Camo pattern: Mossy Oak Break-Up. Type: Cushions. Size Fat Boy. - $76.99