Humminbird Training DVD - $9.88

Bennett Marine Video is Americas authority when it comes to sport fishing training videos. These are the most comprehensive, instructional, training DVDs to teach you how to use all the features and functions of your Humminbird electronics unit. Each DVD gives you step-by-step training to walk you through powering up and down the unit, key operating modes, function buttons, how to read the LED displays, how to set waypoints, how to read active fish columns and more. 40 min. Available: Humminbird 700 Series: Covers 717, 727, 737, 747C, 757C combo, 767 combo, 777C2, 787C2 combo and 797C2 SI combo Chartplotter/Fishfinder Humminbird 900 Series: Covers 917C combo, 931C, 957C combo, 967C 3D combo, 997C SI combo, 937C combo, 947C 3D combo, 981C SI and 987C SI combo Chartplotter/Fishfinder Humminbird 998, 958 Series Subject: Product Instruction - DVD. Type: DVD. Huminbird 700 Series. - $9.88