Humminbird 998 Color Sonar/Gps With Down And Side Imaging - $1,499.99

Outfitted with a new microprocessor, this unit now offers faster response and faster redraw time. Its video-out and Ethernet ports on the back of control head allow for future expandability. 8" TFT LCD screen with 480V x 800H resolution. The side-imaging 455kHZ/800kHZ 180 transducer and DualBeam PLUS 200Khz/20 83kHZ/60 transducer deliver superior coverage for an accurate visual of what lies below. SwitchFire sonar modes let you adjust the view on the screen to the fishing conditions. In Max Mode, sonar returns explode from the screen in amazing detail. You'll see the tiniest subsurface object (even thermoclines and water currents) for complete underwater coverage. In SwitchFire Clear Mode, Time Variable Gain (TVG) software sifts through sonar returns to display only fish and structure great for fishing in shallow and rough water, or for reducing undesired clutter in the water column. Temperature and GPS display information included. 1,000 watts RMS and 8,000 watts PTP power. Three soft-key preset buttons for easy operation. A dual SD card slot expands unit memory. 50-channel external GPS. LakeMaster and Navionics compatible. Available:Without a transducerWith a transducerWith a transducer and Navionics software bundle - $1,499.99