Humminbird 571 HD DI Sonar - Clear - $234.88

Add the Humminbird 571 HD DI to your fishing tactics, and youll get a high-definition, moment-to-moment, all-seeing view of everything beneath your boat. Humminbird has packed Down Imaging, SwitchFire and DualBeam PLUS behind this units 5, 16-level-grayscale, 640V x 320H display. Created by high-frequency sound waves that reach down to 350 feet, the Down Imaging delivers a straight down, clear and detailed snapshot of whats below. Using SwitchFire, the angler takes complete command of how the sonar images appear. With two unique display modes, you can adjust to your fishing conditions, add or remove details, account for depth and temperature. SwitchFires Clear Mode reduces undesired clutter in the water column in rough waters. In calmer waters, Max Mode delivers cover, structure, bait presentation, nearby fish and even water currents in incredible detail. Utilizing the DualBeam PLUS sonar, you get two sonar beams: one thats tightly focused on the bottom directly below, and the second more-expanded beam surrounds the first in order to detect fish in a much wider area. You can use these two beam independently, or have them work together for a crystal-clear picture of everything below the boat. 4,000-watt peak-to-peak. 500-watt RMS. One-year warranty. Color: Clear. - $234.88