Hozan Spoke Threader - $199.99

If you have a couple wheel builds under your belt, you know how big of a pain it is to order the exact spoke length and quantity you need from your local bike shop. Either they don't have them in stock, or they try to pressure you into getting them built there. Regardless, dealing in absolutes doesn't provide any room for error, and no matter how great of mechanics we think that we are, we're bound to make a mistake and go running back to the LBS. But here's a fun fact: it's far more cost effective to buy 310mm length spokes in bulk and then thread them with the Hozan Spoke Threader. The Hozan Spoke Threader does what its name says. Its 830g design, and low stature, make it simple to shelve, and even easier to mount to your bench's vice when it's wheel buildin' time. Here's how it works. Once the Spoke Threader is securely mounted, measure and mark your required spoke lengths. Feed the spoke through to the high-speed steel die, secure it, and simply rotate the handle until the threads meet your desired point on the spoke. Now, this isn't a spoke threader and cutter, like some machines that are four times the size and 20 times the price, so you'll have to trim and file by hand once the spoke is threaded. We recommend a good shop-quality cable and housing cutter for the job. Just repeat a bunch of times, and you're ready to get lacing, and more importantly, riding. The Hozan Spoke Threader works with both stainless and titanium spokes. - $199.99