Hotronic Heat Ready Footbeds / Insoles - $12.95

Hotronic Heat Ready Footbeds / Insoles - Heat Ready Insoles are the perfect match for the Power Plus Foot Warmer CUSTOM. For simple, quick installation, the two flat insoles each come with a pre-cut trap door for the heating element and a channel for the cord, reducing your set-up time significantly. An adhesive on the trap door and on the insole channel hold the element in place. Comes in a Size 32.0 metric but can be easily trimmed to size. A great upgrade over standard foam insoles found in most boots, the Heat Ready insoles come equipped with some arch support for comfort. Hotsole insoles are about the same thickness as the insoles used by many boot manufacturers. . Model Year: 2013, Product ID: 86665 - $12.95