Hotronic E3 Custom Footwarmers 2014 - $219.95

Hotronic E3 Custom Footwarmers 2014 - The Hotronic E3 Custom Footwarmers is one of the most compact and powerful footwarmers out there. These footwarmers are easy to install into all types of footwear and are great to use when skiing or snowboarding or even hiking, fishing or any cold-weather activities. Depending on those cold temperatures you have four different settings to customize your comfort level. Switch from 83 degrees to 144 degrees with the push of a button. The battery packs are easy to attach to any footwear making them simple to carry and hardly noticeable. The heating elements themselves are large ovals which provide effective anatomical coverage of your toes and attach to the insole of your boot with self-adhesive fabric covers and strips. When shaking the little handwarmer bags and tossing them in your shoe isn't cutting it anymore, pick up the Hotronic E3 Custom Footwarmers and let frozen toes inconvenience you no more. . Product ID: 252775, Model Year: 2014 - $219.95