Hot Chillys Pepperskin Jr Girls Long Underwear Bottom - $25.00

Hot Chillys Pepperskin Jr Girls Long Underwear Bottom - Staying warm while outdoors when the temperatures are in the 20's is no longer an issue. This pair of Pepperskin Girls Bottoms by Hot Chillys is a must have for every youngsters wardrobe and any winter activity that they are involved in. Layering pieces is always an essential detail for the winter. This mid-weight, relaxed fitting base layer will provide the warmth, comfort and protection needed for your child. This delightful pair of bottoms by Hot Chillys is created with special fabric called pepperskins that is ideal for all sorts of cool weather activities. This material is a lightly sanded microfiber MTF polyester along with an anatomical design to allow for freedom of movement. The moisture transfer fibers are unique, they are designed to move moisture away from the body providing the protection and keeping dry that is needed when out in the powder. Besides the warmth and comfort factor, these Hot Chillys Pepperskin bottoms have been created with a fit just for girls who are ready to use and perfect their sport while layering in chilly wintry conditions. . Product ID: 196350, Model Year: 2013, Neck: N/A, Type: Bottom, Weight: Mid, Material: Synthetic, Warranty: One Year, Fit: Loose - $25.00