Hot Chillys Pepper Skin Kids Long Underwear Top - $22.99

Hot Chillys Pepper Skin Kids Long Underwear Top - Layering is always a good idea on cold winter days and also for a day of skiing or snowboarding. With the Hot Chillys Pepper Skin Junior Top, layering becomes easy. This Hot Chillys under top for boys is ideal as it brings about warmth and comfort; all while maintaining a girly look with its fun fabric patterns. Speaking of fabric, the Pepper Skin JP Top is made with pepper skins which is great for all types of cool weather activates. It is constructed with 100% micro denier polyester that allows moisture that is generated from the body to pass through with little to no absorption. The shirt is also made with a relaxed fit so it is easy and comfortable to move around in. . Fit: Tight, Warranty: One Year, Material: Synthetic, Weight: Mid, Type: Top, Neck: Crew, Model Year: 2012, Product ID: 196347 - $22.99