Hot Chillys Peachskins Crewneck Girls Long Underwear Top - $14.90

Hot Chillys Peachskins Crewneck Girls Long Underwear Top - The Peachskin Crewneck Girls Long Underwear Top by Hot Chillys is the perfect base layer for your daughter. The fit is loose, to provide the comfort that is wanted by youngsters who love to be outdoors. An awesome feature that parents love as much as the wearer is the soft MTF microfiber polyester yarns that have been seasoned to manage moisture This technology will keep your child dry, warm and comfortable in any weather condition. The other benefit to wearing this Peachskins Crewneck is the antimicrobial properties that will keep her fresh with odor blocking control, especially when she is working hard. Protection and warmth will be provided with the interlock knit fabric that has lightly been sanded for an exceptional feel and warmth. Make your childs first, or every outdoor experience the best it can be. This Hot Chillys Peachskins Crewneck is the best for all of her outdoor needs all winter long. Features: Soft MTF, Microfiber Polyester Yarns Seasoned to Manage Moisture, Antimicrobial Properties for Freshness and Odor Control. Fit: Loose, Warranty: One Year, Material: Synthetic, Weight: Mid, Type: Top, Neck: Crew, Model Year: 2012, Product ID: 170330 - $14.90