Hot Chillys Low Rise Womens Long Underwear Pants - $19.96

The Women's Low Rise Long Underwear Bottoms by Hot Chillys are great base layers with a close body fit. They're anatomically designed for freedom of movement and added support to help reduce fatigue. A bi-component blend of MTF micro polyester and bio-silver antimicrobial polyester make sure that moisture is wicked away from your skin leaving you feeling fresh, warm, and dry all day long. Plus, with a UPF rating of 30 plus and warmth factor of 8, you know you're protected against the elements. You'll feel comfortable and warm as you ski on the mountain wearing Hot Chillys Women's Low Rise Long Underwear Bottoms. Bi-component blend of MTF micro polyester, Bio-Silver Antimicrobial polyester and Spandex, Moisture transport to keep skin dry and to promote warmth, Inherent anti-microbial properties to eliminate bacteria and odor, Lightly sanded face for comfort and performance, Flat seam construction for seam strength and to eliminate abrasion, GTIN: 0614996584477, Model Number: HC9412 101 S, Product ID: 170108, Model Year: 2014, Neck: N/A, Type: Bottom, Weight: Mid, Material: Synthetic, Warranty: One Year, Fit: Tight - $19.96