Hornady Lock-N-Load Sonic Cleaner 2L - $109.99

Take case cleaning to a new level of efficiency. Intense ultrasonic action teams with Hornadys One Shot Sonic Clean Formula (must be used with Sonic Cleaner to work properly) for an ultraefficient means of removing carbon residue, tarnish, oxidation and foreign material from the inside and outside of cartridge cases. Unlike conventional tumblers that clean only exteriors, this unit leaves cases completely free of carbon residue even flash holes and primer pockets. Also use Sonic Cleaner with Gun Parts Solution on small steel gun parts. One Shot Sonic Clean Formula sold separately. An 80-watt ceramic heater enhances this units cleaning action. Set the timer from one to 30 minutes to choose the proper cycle for your application. Holds up to 300 .223-Remington cases or 150 .308-Winchester cases. Tank capacity: 2.1 quarts. - $109.99