Hornady Lock-N-Load Magnum Sonic Cleaner - Stainless - $149.88

Take case cleaning to a new level of efficiency. Intense ultrasonic action teams with Hornadys One Shot Sonic Clean Formula (must be used with Sonic Cleaner to work properly) for an ultraefficient means of removing carbon residue, tarnish, oxidation and foreign material from the inside and outside of cartridge cases. Unlike conventional tumblers that clean only exteriors, this unit leaves cases completely free of carbon residue even flash holes and primer pockets. Also use Sonic Cleaner with Gun Parts Solution on small steel gun parts. One Shot Sonic Clean formula sold separately With three times the size and twice the power of the standard Lock-N-Load Sonic Cleaner, this unit is the ultimate sonic case cleaner. Features a pair of transducers with superior cleaning uniformity compared to single-transducer models. An adjustable heating element allows you to maximize cleaning efficiency without damaging components sensitive to overheating. The stainless steel housing is durable and easy to clean. The tight mesh construction of the basket allows the cleaning of small metal parts. Sonic cleaner solution not included. Tank capacity: 3.2 quarts. Tank dimensions: 9.4L x 5.5H x 3.9D. Color: Stainless. Type: Case Prep. - $149.88