Hornady Heavy Magnum Turkey Loads - Nickel - $14.99

A turkey-slamming shell that delivers lethal results out to 50 yards without need for a specialized choke. In fact, the Hornady Versatite wad does the patterning for you and often works best with an improved-cylinder or modified choke. Each shell is loaded with 1-1/2 oz. of nickel-plated lead shot pellets that have the thickest nickel plating of any shotshell on the market, minimizing shot deformation and reducing fliers to keep more pellets on target in dense patterns. The No. 5-shot loads delivered a pattern density of more than 70 pellets into a 12 square at 40 yards in field tests. Per 10. Made in USA. Color: Nickel. Type: Turkey Loads. - $14.99