Horizon HYDROFILL Hydrogen Charge Station - $249.00

The Horizon HYDROFILL Hydrogen charge station breathes life into HYDROSTIK cartridges for use with the MINIPAK fuel cell charger (HYDROSTICK/MINIPACK sold separately) for affordable, portable power. Insert a HYDROSTICK, add de-ionized or distilled water and connect HYDROFILL to an AC outlet with the included adapter for approximately 4 hrs. for a full charge. Power up all kinds of portable devices requiring up to 2 watts of power, including phones, game/music players, GPS and lights. MINIPAK combines oxygen with hydrogen from the HYDROSTIK cartridge into the fuel cell to convert the hydrogen into electricity. Electrochemical reaction creates an electrical charge; the small amount of water that accumulates as a byproduct is released as vapor. When fully charged with the Horizon HYDROFILL Hydrogen charge station, 1 HYDROSTICK offers approximately 10 times the power of a AA alkaline battery. - $249.00