Horizon Hobby Firebird Stratos Ready-To-Fly - $179.99

The Firebird Stratos is perfect for the beginner pilot interested in the world of RC flight, and comes ready to fly just charge the battery and youre set! Teach yourself to fly with the innovative three-channel trainer that gives you full control of pitch, throttle and yaw to allow flying in smaller areas and have better control in wind. A wing-leveling device corrects the wing bank; when the gearstick is at neutral, the wing will return to a horizontal position. The 2.4Ghz radio system provides a solid radio-frequency link to eliminate interference and decrease the risk of crashing. Tougher-built features give this plane longer durability for learners, including a rubber nose to absorb mild nose-in crashes, wing-mounted magnets to absorb shock during crashes and full Z-foam construction to reduce the weight while providing strength and easy repair. The easy-to-remove landing gear allows first flights to be hand-launched and belly-landed. The 1300mAh lithium-ion polymer battery provides enough power for longer flights from takeoff to landing. Cell-balancing charger included. Imported.Wingspan: 42.Overall length: 30.5. - $179.99