Hogue Ultra Ivory Polymer Revolver Grip Panels - $47.88

Want a handgun that matches your personality? These Hogue grips are the easiest way to do it. They turn an ordinary handgun into a custom firearm. All grips are made of ivory polymer and are crafted for an exacting fit.Available: Ruger Single Action, Eagle.Note: These will not fit the New Model Super Blackhawk Hunters Model, the 50th-Anniversary Blackhawk, or the New Model Vaquero. Sku: 20026667. Type: Pistol Grips. Model: Ruger Blackhawk, Vacquero, Single Six Revolver/ Eagle. Type: Handgun Grips. Model: Ruger "New model" Single-Six Action, Eagle Ivory Polymer. SKU #: 20026667. Ruger Snglactn Eagle. - $47.88