Hogue Rifle Stock With Full-Length Bedding Block - Green - $229.99

The Hogue Rifle Stock with Full-Length Bedding Block is one of the revolutionary OverMolding series stocks. The O.M. process bonds a special rubber compound to a super-strong and rigid fiberglass reinforced stock that precisely fits specific rifle actions. This precision molding means that you get a perfect drop-in fit every time. It is also extremely quiet, great for still-hunting in nasty cover. Recoil pads are constructed from a blend of shock-absorbing materials for maximum energy absorption and greater shooting accuracy and enjoyment. The full-length machined aluminum bedding block ensures rock-solid action/stock contact for consistently superior accuracy something found in very few other synthetic replacement stocks. Approximate weight: 2 lbs. 15 oz. Length of pull: 13-3/4. Available for models: Rem. 700 SA BDL Sporter Rem. 700 LA BDL Sporter Win. M70 LA Sporter Ruger Mark II 77 LA Mauser 98 Military Sporter Colors: Black, Ghillie Green. Color: Green. Type: Rifle Stocks. - $229.99