Hoffman Bama Bike Frame Pearlized Crimson 21" - $222.95

Seth Kimbrough's signature "Bama" frame has become one of the more popular frames in the Hoffman Bikes line. Seth is a true street machine and the Bama has endured his abuse time and again. Combining Seth's proven geometry with lightweight, sturdy frame construction ensures that the Bama can hold up to any exploits thrown at it. That doesn't mean you should throw your bike though.Key Features of the Hoffman Bama Bike Frame: TT: 20.5" & 21" // HT: 74.75degrees // SM: 71degrees // CS: 14" // BB: 11.5" Weight: 20.5" / 5 lbs 6 oz // 21" / 5 lbs 10 oz 100% 4130 Cromo Single and Double-Butted Tubing Removable Brake Mounts and Cable Guides Integrated Headtube w/ Removable Detangler Tabs Mid BB - $222.95