Hincapie Sportswear Nitro Jersey - $99.95

After a prolonged period of time in the saddle, we'll all take an efficiency boost from wherever we're able to get it. However, while most turn to nutrition, hydration, or aerodynamic wheels to achieve this relief, the jersey remains as an overlooked conduit to these ends. Lucky for you, though, the Hincapie Sportswear Nitro Jersey has been designed to provide both comfort and slight aerodynamic gains. And more importantly, these attributes come at a fraction of the price anything within the realm of carbon fiber. Starting with the primary, drag-reducing portion of the jersey, the sleeves, which is also the foreword most point of the jersey, Hincapie used its Dimplex Lycra for the construction. This material builds on the moisture-wicking HinSpeed Lycra, produced for Hincapie by Eschler, by giving the Lycra a dimpled surface. And like a golf ball, or Zipp Wheel's ABDC technology, this pattern interrupts the airflow crossing the surface of the Nitro in order to reduce the body's aerodynamic profile. Dimplex also benefits the user in the form of a compressive composition, reducing the fatigue-inducing effects of road vibration and muscle oscillation. In addition to this, the fabric is also provides a SPF 30 level of sun protection, protecting the skin from needless burns. Over the torso, the Nitro features Hincapie's staple material, the TourTek fabric. This material provides a lightweight covering of the skin that effectively wicks moisture away, while also providing a conforming and adaptable fit. Accordingly, when coupled with the contoured fit of the jersey, there's no flapping in the wind, further reducing your aerodynamic profile. In terms of ventilation, you'll find that the Nitro features the Accelerator stretch mesh material at the underarms, giving excess body heat an efficient point of escape. - $99.95