Highgear XT7 Alti-GPS Watch - $189.95

Free Shipping. Highgear XT7 Alti-GPS Watch DECENT FEATURES of the Highgear XT7 Alti-GPS Watch Mineral Glass Lens Displays in Metric or Imperial Units EL Backlight / Smart EL Backlight System Rechargeable Battery (Watch) via USB Charging Cable (Included) 30m Water Resistant User Replaceable Battery (Chest Strap Only) The SPECS for Navigation Waypoints: 100 Location Presets Waypoints Stored By: Name, Latitude / Longitude, Altitude or Date Track Points: 25.000 Points Stored Cardinal North Indicator The SPECS for Speed and Distance (SDM) Monitors: Speed, Distance, Pace Displays Average Speed / Pace The SPECS for Altimeter Displays in Feet or Meters Range: -2.312ft to +30.045ft / -700m to +9.000m Resolution: 1ft / 1m Vertical Speed: Rate of Ascent and Descent Accumulated and Maximum Altitude % Slope Gradient Altitude Differential The SPECS for Barometer Displays Sea-Level and Absolute Pressure in Millibar (mbar) / Hectopascal (hPa) or Inches of Mercury (inHg) Range: 300mbar (hPa) to 1.100mbar (hPa) / 8.85inHg to 32.50inHg Resolution: 1mbar (hPa) / 0.01inHg Weather Forecast 24 Hour Graphic Pressure Trend Display with Recall The SPECS for Thermometer Displays in Fahrenheit or Celsius Range: +14deg F to +122deg F / -10deg C to +50deg C Resolution: 0.1deg F / 0.1deg C The SPECS for Heart rate (HRM) 2.4 GHz Digitally Coded Chest Strap (Included) for Continuous ECG Accurate Heart Rate (HR) Readings 3 Auto Intensity Levels Based on Maximum HR: Fitness (55-70%), Endurance (70-80%), Training (80-100%) Auto or Custom Set HR Zones Alert in Target HR Zones The SPECS for Chronograph / Run Data Range: 100 Hours Resolution: 1/100 Second 300 Laps / Splits 50 Run Memory with Data Recall Display Presets with 3-Line Multi-View Auto Lap: Automatically Takes a Lap at a User Set Distance (i.e. every mile) The SPECS for Time / Alarms Displays Time in 12-Hour or 24-Hour Format Time / Day / Date Dual Time Zone 5 Daily Alarms - $189.95