Highgear Weatherport Data Center - $50.00

The light, durable and water-resistant Highgear Weatherport data center packs a ton of features into a single, compact instrument. It helps you navigate the backcountry and keep tabs on the weather. Features include an altimeter, barometer with weather forecast, digital compass, thermometer, relative humidity scale, chronograph/timer, time and alarms. Altimeter features a range of -2,316 ft./-706m to 30,065 ft./9,164m, 1 ft./1m resolution, minimum/maximum altitude, graphic altitude display and readout in feet or meters. Barometer displays sea-level and absolute pressure in Millibar (mbar), Hectopascal (hPa) or inches of Mercury (inHg) with a range of 300 - 1,100 mbar/hPa (8.86 -32.48 inHg). Barometer also features 1 mbar/hPa (0.01 inHg) resolution, graphic pressure trend display and weather forecasting. Digital compass features 360deg range, 1deg resolution, digital calibration and adjustable declination. Thermometer gauges temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius with a range of 14deg to 140degF (-10deg to 60degC) and features minimum/maximum temperature recall. Displays relative humidity in the 25% - 95% range and minimum/maximum relative humidity recall. Chronograph/timer has a range of 100 hrs. with a resolution of 1/100 sec.; it features 10 splits, 1 run memory with recall and a 100 hr. countdown timer. Displays time in 12- and 24-hr. format, day, date, and world time with Daylight Saving option; 2 daily alarms with snooze and an hourly chime keep you on your toes. The Highgear Weatherport data center features a power save/sleep mode and a user-replaceable battery. - $50.00