Highgear Alti-XT SS Watch - $139.95

Free Shipping. Highgear Alti-XT SS Watch DECENT FEATURES of the Highgear Alti-XT SS Watch Rotating IPB Stainless Steel Bezel IPB Stainless Steel Buttons Button Lock Option Mineral Glass Lens EL Backlight 50m Water Resistant User Replaceable Battery The SPECS for Altimeter Displays in Feet or Meters Range: -1.640ft to +29.527ft /-500m to +9.000m Resolution: 3ft / 1m Minimum and Maximum Altitude Total Ascent and Descent Graphic Altitude Display Stores up to 80 Altimeter Logbooks with Data Recall The SPECS for Barometer Displays Sea-Level and Absolute Pressure in Millibar (mbar) / Hectopascal (hPa) or Inches of Mercury (inHg) Range: 300mbar (hPa) to 1.100mbar (hPa) / 8.86inHg to 32.48inHg Resolution: 1mbar (hPa) / 0.01inHg Graphic Pressure Trend Display Weather Forecast The SPECS for Digital Compass Range: 360deg / 16 Cardinal Point Bearings Resolution: 1deg Digital Compass Calibration Adjustable Declination Directional Heading Lock Cardinal North Indicator The SPECS for Thermometer Displays in Fahrenheit or Celsius Range: +14deg F to +140deg F / -10deg C to 60deg C Resolution: 0.1deg F / 0.1deg C The SPECS for Chronograph / Timer Range: 100 Hours Resolution: 1/100 Second Measures Splits 100-Hour Countdown Timer The SPECS for Time / Alarms Displays Time in 12-hour or 24-hour Format Time / Day / Date Worldtime with Daylight Savings Time Option Sunrise / Sunset Times 3 Advanced Alarms Hourly Chime - $139.95