Higdon Outdoors Alpha Wobbler Goose Decoys - Natural - $129.99

Cut from full bodies, these are the most anatomically correct decoys available. Stake system for super-realistic motion, even in the slightest breeze. Flocked heads and a proprietary, rich color scheme give these decoys the most detailed and lifelike appearance on the market. Stackable design lets you hunt with more decoys, and makes setup and takedown quick and easy. A variety of positions adds diversity and realism to your spread. Each decoy is 24 long from breast to tail a universal size that attracts everything from cacklers to giant Canadas. Variety pack includes two Tru-Feeder heads, two Tru-Sentry heads, one Tru-Walker natural head and one Tru-Walker alert head. Per 6. Color: Natural. - $129.99