Hevi-Shot Speed Ball Shotshells - Copper - $27.99

As fast as steel and more lethal than lead, these shells set a new standard for waterfowl hunting. An elastomeric ball in the base of the wad accelerates payload without increasing chamber pressures, safely launching pellets at a blistering 1,635 fps. A 50/50 mix of Heavier Than Steel and Heavier Than Lead pellets is layered inside the wad for maximum lethality. The steel-core, Heavier Than Steel pellets have a copper coating nearly 22 times as thick as traditional copper-plated shot, giving them high density and energy. Innovative construction delivers more pellets in a 30 circle than traditional Hevi-Shot. The combination of lethal pellets, fast speeds and tight patterns makes these shotshells one of the deadliest nontoxic loads on the market. Per 10. Made in USA. Color: Copper. Type: Lead Free. - $27.99