Hevi-Shot Dead Coyote Ammunition - $44.99

With these Hevi Shot T-shot loads, you can be deadly at ranges you never thought possible with a 12 gauge. If youre a waterfowler, you already know the benefits of Hevi Shot -- its 10% heavier than lead, 54% denser than steel and produces superior downrange pattern densities that make cleaner kills at greater distances. But until now, it wasnt available in a shot size larger than BB, so you werent able to experience its true potential. The 3 load pounds out 50 pellets at 1,350 feet-per-second. Each pellet is molded perfectly round to minimize the effects of air resistance and keep your pattern together longer. Simply put, Hevi Shot T shot will deliver a lethal payload at the very extreme of shotgun ranges. Try it and youll be a believer. 10 shells per box. Shotshells will has a folded crimp rather than the a rolled crimp as shown in the image. Color: Coyote. Type: Lead Free. - $44.99