HED Jet 6 FR Clincher Wheelset - $1,900.00

The rewards of a deep, fifty-plus millimeter wheelset are almost limitless on flat courses, but in reality, we often find ourselves on rides dotted with a few climbs. For this reason, we consider wheels that excel, not only on the flats, but also in the hills. And among the many types of hills that we encounter, most fall into two loose categories: There are those long, drawn-out varieties, and then there are those brutally steep switchbacks whose grades quickly negate any advantages of drafting. The HED Jet 6 FR Clincher is a wheelset for the former. It's a dangerous cliche to say that the Jet 6 is a 'one-quiver' wheel, but that's exactly how HED designed it. It's heavier than a traditional climbing wheelset, but for most moderate hills, it's still more efficient and inherently faster. Over the past 26 years of engineering wheels, Steve Hed's end goal remains the same: simply make them as fast as possible. He's consulted for High Road Cycling and Radio Shack, and he's always tinkering. So, it's almost a given that HED aerodynamics are superb. However, what you might not know is that these wheels' aerodynamics are equally matched by their low rolling resistance. We have HED's C2 rim concept concept to thank for this. Essentially, C2 is about reduction of the two C's -- less Cda (aerodynamic drag) and less Crr (rolling resistance). Accordingly, a 23mm rim width makes this possible, and is mainly responsible for the wider-is-better campaign that's been replicated throughout the market. But, you're certainly wondering, why wider' Well, the width provides what can be described as an 'aero shroud' for the rest of the wheel. This also changes the nature of the tire's contact patch with the road. However, HED also knows that faster speeds require a heightened sense of control. This becomes evident through HED testing, as it found that rim depths which cross the forty or fifty-millimeter threshold grow increasingly more difficult to handle in crosswinds. - $1,900.00