HED Jet 4 FR Clincher Wheelset - $1,615.00

Every type of wheel you choose to ride comes with some form of compromise or another. Weight, stiffness, aerodynamic qualities, and the almighty cost all invariably impact your decision, as well as your bike's ride quality. HED's Jet 4 FR Clincher Wheelset is designed to eliminate as many potential conflicting compromises as possible in order to provide you with a spectacular balance of each of those qualities. It's light enough for hills, aero for flats, and stiff for sprinting. Here, compromise isn't a backhanded compliment. Ultimately, you have to decide what's most important to you, and for the most part, the depth of the rim is the deciding factor. The deeper the wheel, the faster it is at higher speeds, but added depth translates into added weight. How much weight is too much' The Jet 4 Clinchers are perfect if you simply seek lightweight, aerodynamic advantage without refinancing your home. The Jet 4 rims are 46mm deep, which is about double the depth of the HED Belgium series (or most traditional hybrid v-section wheels), but half the depth of HED's flagship Jet 9. The weight is in the ballpark of traditional 32-spoke, box-section clinchers, which are the 'standard' wheels that many of us are on, but the aerodynamic properties of the Jet 4 are far superior. HED has found that the Jet 4 slices 50-90 grams of aerodynamic drag off of a conventional wheelset. That's a minimum of a 25-40 second savings in a 40k time trial, or five to eight watts every second that you ride. Those savings are aerodynamic drag alone. There is also a reduction in the rolling resistance because of the Jet 4's 23mm wide C2 rims. C2 stands for two Cs: Lower coefficient of rolling resistance (Crr) and better aerodynamics (Cda). Not without reason, the rims on the Jet 4 Wheelset are 23mm wide compared to the 19mm standard. This is to match widths with the tires that most use on their bikes -- 23mm. - $1,615.00