HED GTO Alloy Handlebar - $93.46

Since you're investigating the glory of HED, we know that you're both discerning and a bit of a gram counter, too. However, whereas rotational weight reduction is a no-brainer, the cockpit is a trickier beast when examining grams. Not unlike frames, it's important to examine the weight-to-stiffness ratio of a handlebar. Too light, and you're going to experience flex; too heavy, and well, it's just too heavy. That's why the clever engineering of Steve Hed is always a proper choice -- he understands the importance of balance. With the GTO Alloy Handlebar, you achieve a more than acceptable weight with a level of rigidity that's unparalleled by most carbon. And to top it all off, HED designed the GTO with a shape that'll leave your hands happy over the longest of stages. HED's GTO Alloy Handlebar hides its purpose within its acronym -- GTO = Grand Tour Oversized. This design concept directly warranted that it be constructed from aluminum. To start on why, the material's composition allowed HED to actually make the bar oversized. The 31.8mm clamp section has been stretched further out towards the shoulders of the GTO, eventually tapering to accommodate hand positions and shifters. This feature creates a stiffer bar by 'beefing up' the point of connection that contributes to flex. All the while, this design has been mated to an overall cross-section shape that stiffens up the GTO even more. And even with this ambitious design, the bar still tips the scales around a feathery 249 grams. As for the 'Grand Tour' aspect of the GTO, HED placed a passionate focus on the comfort of the bars. The oversized tubing dissipates road vibration, while the shape of the drops delivers comfort to the hands. Further along these lines, HED designed the bars around the shape and size of contemporary shifters. So, you're guaranteed comfortable accessibility to the levers from any position on the drops. - $93.46